Ethiopia Biloya Natural

Ethiopia Biloya Natural

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Tasting Notes of Blood Orange, Persimmon, Vanilla

Numerous variables come together to develop the unique flavors present in this coffee. First, the coffee is grown at a noticeably high altitude, around 1,700 meters above sea level. Temperatures stay cool, with average highs around 70 °F and lows around 60 °F. Additionally, the varieties, Kumie, Diga, and Wilsho make up this coffee, which are all local varieties to this area of Ethiopia. This may account for what makes this coffee stand out, as these are not common to any other areas of the world.

Lastly, this coffee is processed carefully using typical dry processing methods. To process this natural coffee, the coffee arrives to the Kocherie Beloya (or Biloya) washing station where is first sorted by hand to select the densest cherries. It is then taken to raised beds where the coffee is dried for up to 21 days. After drying, the coffee is milled and ready to be shipped off. Naturally processed Ethiopian coffees are often the coffees that stand out for the profound sweetness and fruit notes, and this one stands up to that.

Origin ­­- Ethiopia, Biloya
Location – Kochere, Gedeo
Grade – 1
Processing method – Natural & Dried on Raised Beds
Altitude -1,600 to 1,700 meters above sea level
Varietal – Kumie, Diga & Wilsho

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They roast everything at their second location and you can tell there's passion in every cup. When in the area, this will definitely be my go to coffee shop.

Nate M
Nashville, TN

Snagged an iced dolce latte with oat milk for a quick stop between shopping! Loved it! One of the best places in Nashville.

Peter D
Niagra Falls, NY

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