Rotating Natural Process Coffee - Ethiopia Worka Sakaro

Rotating Natural Process Coffee - Ethiopia Worka Sakaro

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This is our rotating selection of natural process coffees, while it may change from time to time it will always be of the highest standard - and usually the staff favorite!

Tasting notes of: Wild Berries, Cacao Nibs, Lemon Zest

Worka Sakaro Washing Sation is located in the Gedio
Zone. The washing station works with over 400 smallholder
farmers in the region. These farmers grow their coffee on
the steep mountain slopes at approximately 2,000 to 2,200
meters above sea level. The coffee is grown in the shade of
Birbira, Corsica Africana, and Ensete Ventricosum trees.
The coffee is picked when the cherries are ripe and then
dried on raised beds for 18 to 21 days. Once the coffee is
dried it is then milled to remove the husks and stored in a
local warehouse before being transported for final
processing before shipment.

This lot follows suit with the wave of groups now
experimenting with various methods of “anaerobic”
processing. It follows all the same steps as a typical
naturally processed coffee, except after the coffee is floated,
it is placed into special plastic bags, flushed with carbon
dioxide and nitrogen gas, and monitored over 3-7 days until
fermented adequately (varies based on mucilage content
and environmental conditions). Once the cherries reach the
desired pH and color, they are removed from the bags and
transferred to drying tables to complete the process.

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Our Relationships allow us to secure the best quality coffees at harvest and maintain high standards all the way through the roasting process. We proudly offer small batches of the highest quality craft coffee in a variety of roast profiles, blends, and single origins.



They roast everything at their second location and you can tell there's passion in every cup. When in the area, this will definitely be my go to coffee shop.

Nate M
Nashville, TN

Snagged an iced dolce latte with oat milk for a quick stop between shopping! Loved it! One of the best places in Nashville.

Peter D
Niagra Falls, NY

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