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Tasting notes of peach, salted caramel, and milk chocolate.

Nestled among three volcanoes, Acatenango, Fuego, and Agua, the city of Antigua was once the capital of the Spanish Empire in Central America, but it’s now known for stunning colonial architecture and the nearby farms that produce some of the region’s
highest-quality coffee. Antigua’s climate, high altitude, fertile volcanic soils, and a distinct
agricultural tradition make this city an ideal location for producers like Finca Medina, a company that has been producing specialty coffee since 1842.

This honey-processed Guatemalan coffee, which was harvested in 2020 includes cherries from the original Finca Medina estate plus Anexo Portal, a property that was acquired in 2016. After separating the floating cherries, the coffees are de-pulped and were dried on raised African beds, which were closed off each day for two hours to ensure a slow maturation process, which typically lasts between 28 and 30 days. With a sparkling acidity and floral flavors, this coffee is not only one of the best honey-processed lots our team has ever tasted; it’s also an indication of the alternative processing methods gaining popularity in Latin America, making us excited to see what’s to come.

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Our Relationships allow us to secure the best quality coffees at harvest and maintain high standards all the way through the roasting process. We proudly offer small batches of the highest quality craft coffee in a variety of roast profiles, blends, and single origins.



They roast everything at their second location and you can tell there's passion in every cup. When in the area, this will definitely be my go to coffee shop.

Nate M
Nashville, TN

Snagged an iced dolce latte with oat milk for a quick stop between shopping! Loved it! One of the best places in Nashville.

Peter D
Niagra Falls, NY

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