Ibonia Estate AB | Kenya

Ibonia Estate AB | Kenya

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This is our first Kenyan coffee that we've offered for more than a year, and it is an outstanding example of the best the country has to offer. We work with our green importing partner Balzac Brothers, in Charleston, SC to source some really amazing coffees from Africa, and the Ibonia Estate AB is one of our favorites of the past several years. 

This is a juicy and tart cup of coffee, but not overbearing or sour. Think strawberry rhubarb pie, pink lemonade and grapefruit. We have a limited amount of this coffee, so enjoy it this month while it lasts!


Read more from our import partner, Balzac Brothers:

Three kilometers south of the town of Kiambu, 105 hectares of land creates Ibonia Estate. Leaders of the property, which lies 1,700 meters above sea level, focus on organic matter management and soil conservation as top priorities in coffee production. Ibonia Estate sees the value of the region’s soil – a deep, reddish-brown composition known as Kikuyu loam – and recognizes its role in developing the distinctive qualities of their coffee offerings.

Aside from the farm’s soil, Ibonia Estate embraces its local climate, which features cool, wet periods from May to July. This environmental pattern allows the coffee plants to mature slowly and develop complexity in flavor. Each day, 200 community workers gather at Ibonia Estate to harvest, wash, and sort the day’s share of the 180 tons of coffee the property exports each year. Ibonia Estate primarily cultivates SL28 and SL34 varieties, both known for communicating exceptional quality in the cup.

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Our Relationships allow us to secure the best quality coffees at harvest and maintain high standards all the way through the roasting process. We proudly offer small batches of the highest quality craft coffee in a variety of roast profiles, blends, and single origins.



They roast everything at their second location and you can tell there's passion in every cup. When in the area, this will definitely be my go to coffee shop.

Nate M
Nashville, TN

Snagged an iced dolce latte with oat milk for a quick stop between shopping! Loved it! One of the best places in Nashville.

Peter D
Niagra Falls, NY

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