Vunga Cooperative | Rwanda

Vunga Cooperative | Rwanda

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Coffee: Rwanda Vunga Cooperative or Vunga Women's Cooperative 
Region: Vunga, Nyabihu District, Rwanda
Varietal: Bourbon
Process: Washed
Tasting Notes: Grapefruit, Pomegranate, Apricot, Candied Pecan  

We connected with this amazing new coffee through a chance meeting at our Charlotte Ave location with Kenny Ntwali of Higa Coffee. Kenny, who is from Rwanda, studied in the US and is now splitting his time between the two countries, sourcing amazing coffees from East Africa and helping roasters like us build long-term partnerships with producers in the region. This is our first ever Rwandan coffee, and we are honored to be able to share it with our customers!

In the cup, you'll find Grapefruit, Pomegranate, Apricot, Candied Pecan  

Please read on to learn more about the Vunga Cooperative from our import partner, Higa Coffee:

Vunga sits near the borders of Uganda to the North and the Democratic Republic of
Congo to the West. This tiny station is located between the steep hills of Nyabihu
District. Vunga is a woman-owned and managed washing station. It is managed by
Daphrose Uwimana, who has created a close-knit community and mentors a group of
women farmers that produces special women-grown lots. Daphrose founded the
cooperative in 2009 and is the driving force behind the exceptional coffee coming
out of this station.

Daphrose saw a growing challenge for the station. Youth were not interested in
becoming coffee farmers. In an effort to keep the tradition alive, Daphrose invested
the money she made from coffee to purchase land with the plan to teach youth in
her community about coffee farming. She hopes to inspire youth to enter the coffee
sector and continue growing world-class specialty coffee.

To see a video from the co-op, click here!

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Our Relationships allow us to secure the best quality coffees at harvest and maintain high standards all the way through the roasting process. We proudly offer small batches of the highest quality craft coffee in a variety of roast profiles, blends, and single origins.



They roast everything at their second location and you can tell there's passion in every cup. When in the area, this will definitely be my go to coffee shop.

Nate M
Nashville, TN

Snagged an iced dolce latte with oat milk for a quick stop between shopping! Loved it! One of the best places in Nashville.

Peter D
Niagra Falls, NY

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